how much is enough?

Whether you are…

  • …a growing family that wants to live well for the next twenty years in a 500 square foot apartment.
  • …a professional couple entering retirement wanting to refresh your double ‘classic six’ apartment.
  • …an investor seeking to reach millennials by repositioning existing real estate assets.
  • …an institution seeking innovative models for pocket cities, campus consolidation, and aging-in-place.

Right-sizing determines the appropriate allocation of resources to dedicate to the building process.

calibrated to the square inch

True sustainability is realized by designing places that provide maximum delight in smaller footprints.

In these cases, design needs to be calibrated to the square inch versus the square foot, and with flexibility built into the planning to support shifting timelines, realization, and resale.

The process should be design-intensive rather than resource-intensive.

The design process for the Finger Apartment.
resourceful with the resources at hand

Working small is an art. It combines Houdini’s maneuvers, a Swiss watchmaker’s precision, and a finely tuned ear to the opportunities that obstacles present.

Honed by a decade of small scale work, noroof is resourceful with existing resources…

  • …we adopt elements from contemporary life–menus, playbooks, and naming systems–to invite clients and their teams into the design process with us.
  • …we transform into furniture standard components, such as hollow core doors, industrial shelving, and the backside of hardi-board panels.
  • …we are equally dexterous at Ikea hacking as with systemic modular classroom wizardry.
  • …we refresh collective urban and commercial spaces by re-mixing cultural tropes and historical elements.

The challenges of living and working are not exclusive to size, but they are certainly amplified in small spaces.

tell us about your challenges big or small, lean budgets or tight spaces, this and that

case studies

Highlighted examples of how noroof approaches small space design.