Inspired by the Flatiron Building four blocks away, a floating, wedge-shaped storage object was inserted down the keel of the living room.
phase one & two

Phase I focused on getting the family moved in. Phase II began in anticipation of a new baby. The aim of the design was to create a sleeping area that could be separated from the main space, allowing the dog and the child to enjoy the rest of the apartment.

From the entryway, the prow of the 'Flatiron' is the dominant element. To the right, the 'Cloud-Catcher' sleeping pod for the child added in Phase III can open and close to keep Diego at bay.
The 'Flatiron' is an all-in-one collector: providing storage, serving as an entertainment center, and acting as a lantern.

“Our friends come into the apartment and can’t believe how much brighter it is.  We think noroof are magicians to have created natural light out of thin air!”

The deep window seats and satin white millwork magnified the light in this north facing Manhattan apartment.
the cloud-catcher

Phase III added window seats for storage, seating and baby changing, and a small sleeping pod, the ‘Cloud-Catcher.’  The panelized exterior of the Cloud integrates a bench on the exterior and has operable flaps to control the amount of engagement with the living space and Diego the dog. The interior structure is expressed and forms shelves for the child’s books and toys.

Operable flaps on the panelized exterior of the 'Cloud-Catcher' vary levels of privacy and light.
The skeletal structural system of the 'Cloud-Catcher' doubles as shelving for toys and books.
more phases in life

noroof received a call about Phase IV when the child was joined by a new baby brother.  The family acquired a larger unit in the building and asked us to assist with a few alterations.  Phase V is slated to happen sometime before the children become teenagers:  a private bedroom with a view on the roof above for the parents.

project team
  • noroofers
  • Courtney Mack–Kristin Washco–Gina Leonard
  • affiliates
  • Ilyas Yakubov(Phase I)–STRand (millwork)–Gabriel Oliver (onsite installation)
  • photographer
  • Chuck Choi