What to do with vacant retail space? Image: orBITor (courtesy LCS Development)
vital issues face the built environment

People frequently encounter challenges in the places where they live and work.

What gets built needs to do better.

Buildings that strengthen cross-generational communities, inspire creative culture, and achieve a healthy habitat for all.

orBITor—Front-end design to transform a vacant retail building at the base of a senior living community into pied-à-terre units for retiring 'boomers.
impacts beyond a roof and four walls

These challenges span across many sectors and scales.

Design needs to resonate.

Project by project, we research the specific situations of our clients and identify patterns in their key challenges.

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solutions at all scales

In each project, we seek the right balance between resources and net impacts.

Footprints big and small.

Our projects address key challenges through planning, design consulting, and design research.

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let's do this together

noroof partners with organizations and developers to plan creatively for the future.

Beyond the limits of a single project, we design for the outsized challenges faced by our shared built environment.

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