We help individuals and institutions plan how to amplify the livability of their spaces, prepare for change, or establish a foothold in a city that might not be accommodating them.

Our master plans calibrate the design effort to the square inch as well as the square foot.

design consulting

noroof is a design practice that thinks outside of the box.

We provide full architectural services as well as design consulting, a la carte, such as pre-purchase input, project phasing, finance pro formas, program configurations.

noroof also provisions developers, AE firms, and larger organizations with intelligent and creative design frameworks for the front-end of their projects.

  • Noroof, nowalls? No problem! We respond to challenges that might not have roofs or walls.

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design research

noroof partners with organizations and developers to plan creatively for the future.

Our research pursues outsized challenges faced by our shared built environment.

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