the market is shifting towards better building

noroof works with builders to create high performing structures.

We leverage current building science to achieve significant gains in building performance and human health.

Partners Margarita and Scott maintain LEED certification in support of USGBC’s contributions to shift the American market towards building better.

a tree grows in Brooklyn

noroof’s first renovation of a small Brooklyn home had the good fortune that 100 years ago someone planted a Norway maple tree in the ideal location for passive heating and cooling.

In the summer, the house is shaded by the tree; on sunny days in the winter the heat can be turned off due to beneficial solar heat gain through the south clerestory.

initial decisions are critical

Like the fortuituous circumstances of the Slot House maple tree, we are always on the lookout for opportunities already in play on a project to create smarter buildings.

Looking closely at how the client plans to occupy a structure, or linking their design aspirations to construction techniques that will provide quantitative benefits to qualitative aspirations.

it can be a balancing act

The case studies demonstrate how to meet and exceed energy performance standards within the constraints of existing building conditions, construction practices and fixed budgets.

We equip our clients to responsibly balance initial investments with long term return.

case studies