Facade concept created for a project by a Long Island City architecture / development firm.
new challenges spark collaboration

Small-scale developers in Brooklyn are working to contribute memorable places to live and work in a borough where culture, design, and architectural heritage are valued.

Developers are faced with the challenge of meeting the demand for housing as well as an ambitious citywide agenda for social and environmental stewardship.

Meanwhile, in today’s market, land values are inflated and construction costs are high.

New collaborations are sparking between developers, real estate professionals, architects, and builders.

Mid to late 20th-century infill development. Now that land values and construction costs have skyrocketed, investors can no longer afford to be mediocre.
strategic design counsel, a la carte

noroof provides strategic design counsel for local developers, real estate professionals, and investors.

We draw upon our team’s backgrounds in multi-family housing, small space design, and single-family investment properties.

On a project by project basis, development teams select design packages, a la carte.

  • Example services: optimize allowable floor area, enhance unit layouts, tailor material selections, enrich the street façade for one to five-unit developments, and more.
case studies

How our clients have added value through thought-based versus cost-based investments.