invasion of the campus snatchers

In the last thirty years, we have been witness to the occupation of our playing fields, quadrangles, and parking lots by a flotilla of modular classrooms.

  • Although campuses across our education system are unique reflections of place and pedagogy, the result of the deployment of trailers on the learning environment–both in the classroom and on campus–is a pervasive provisionality.

That said, perhaps the modular classroom is ‘almost all right’. The existing solution is…

  • …adaptable, but not accommodating…
  • …speedy, but not sustainable…
  • …viable, but not valuable…
  • …and, although called temporary, in actuality it is permanent.

How do we re-envision accessibility on middle and high school campuses struggling with inadequate classroom space?

activity infrastructure

Accepting the modular as a starting point, this project develops a system-wide strategy that introduces subtle and intelligent modifications to the existing situation.

The case study campus is a middle school, upon which both the 8,000sf classroom unit and a 24,000sf campus center are deployed.

We elevate the modular classroom to reclaim campus open space.

re-envisioned modular

L      A small projection is added to a standard modular unit to create an ‘L’ The addition of two extra corners creates a pocket for small group and individual work.

U    When two ‘L’s  are brought together they frame an exterior space that is used for circulation and a double-height light well.

F      ‘U’ s can be stacked to shelter gathering space below or arrayed in a line.

The stack is only one floor to encourage students and teachers to use ramps and stairs between classes.

Typical 'F' stack plan.
The stack is customized to address its specific place on the campus through a set of accessory screens which are dispensed according to the specific siting for shading, signage, and activity points.
Ramps are strategically added to the stacks to shape community space.
Stacked and linear units arranged to create 24,000sf charter schools.
project team
  • noroofers
  • Samuel Scheibel–Courtney Mack–Matthew Sander
  • affiliates
  • Huzefa Irfani with RCCo