character-based contextualism

Scott and Margarita’s background in Asia (work and extensive travel) enabled a type-based reading of the program for the sizeable mixed-used development.   This perspective generated ‘characters’ drawn from a range of sources, including historical types and nature. The characters — sockel, atoll, bridge, rotors, and minos — derive their meaning through engaging the complexity of courts and plinths of south Asian space, the broad Yamuna River floodplain and the experiential richness of a contemporary campus program.

The six rectangular office buildings -- the 'school of minos' -- were located by the competition brief. The remaining characters weave other programmatic uses into a spatial carpet.
the bridge

The project is named for a ‘hovering building’ hosting space for start-up businesses. The living bridge (green strider)  connects the architectural ensemble as well as providing a link between urban form and the surrounding riparian landscape.

The hotel / residence towers turn towards the Yamuna for views, optimal solar orientation and privacy.
The 'atoll' integrates cultural components with dining, markets and amphitheater. A landscape plan inspired by the traditional step wall is a connection to the Yamuna flood plain site.
project team
  • noroofers
  • Samuel Scheibel—Carolin Mees—Luis Vélez-Alvarez—Michael Loschiavo—Michael Cincala
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