porcHouse—View towards stair and front foyer from living room.
design a house to work for you

noroof addresses the practical with tenacity, and crafts memorable places with character.

Your aspirations and constraints fuel the design. We start with what you bring to the table and inventively deploy architecture to navigate (often conflicting) needs.

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Explore three full-house case studies that envision the home as a collection of pieces knit together to form an ensemble:

fit has the upper hand over size

Each piece, big or small, added to the places where we live and work is vital if it allows us to experience the ordinary in slightly extraordinary ways.

fit more of life in your space

noroof helps you face the limitations of space and budgets, and the challenges inherent to the construction process itself.

Growing families, staff, art, and stuff.

Realize a modern, practical space to dwell, work, and relax—whether you are trying to figure out how to accommodate a toddler or how to vibrantly move into retirement.

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Explore three case studies under-600sf that make the most out of small spaces: