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individuals and families, house work explores residential and small scale projects.

organizations and developers, work plan encompasses design consulting and planning.

focus on the super small

Over the last decade, we have developed an approach to using modest means to achieve generous gains.

We consider a job well-done when architecture is not only sustainable, but sustaining.

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impact beyond a roof and four walls

We partner with developers and organizations to creatively plan for the future.

Our projects address key challenges through planning, design consulting, and design research.

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why noroof?

We have received national and international recognition for focusing our energies on the challenges of designing the super small versus the super tall.

We founded noroof when our slot house, “a refined and rigorous little house,” was awarded an AIA National Housing Award.

Now in our second decade of practice, noroof looks beyond the limits of a single project to solve for outsized challenges facing our shared built environment.

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